Appointments & Fees

Appointments with Achilles Heal in Harrogate


Appointments can be booked by email or by telephone to arrange an appropriate venue for your treatment and care.

You will be sent an email confirming your appointment and a medical history form to complete and return prior to your treatment. If you are completing this with your child, please have a look at the information under Paediatric appointments.

Initial appointments

Initial appointments are 45-60 minutes when a full medical history is taken and an assessment is made of the problem.

Please come with appropriate clothing to allow clear examination of the affected area, e.g. shorts for leg and foot problems, a vest top for shoulder or neck pain. For foot problems do bring frequently used shoes such as trainers and work or school shoes.

Treatment is also offered at this initial consultation and can include a variety of manual techniques, electrotherapy and usually some exercise to assist in the repair of damaged structures.

Helene prides herself on taking the time to ensure patients fully understand their condition, and have the opportunity to ask questions and be fully involved in their treatment, whatever their age. Bring all your questions with you!

Follow up appointments

Allow 30 minutes for follow up appointments which will continue the plan of active treatment. Treatments usually include preventative advice and planning to avoid further recurrence of the injury or problem.

Paediatric appointments

If you are attending with a child or adolescent it may be helpful to think about the following beforehand:

Please bring details of any medications your child is taking and results of any previous investigations.

The assessment will include questions about your/your child's past medical history, developmental and birth history. Any family history of inflammatory arthritis or musculoskeletal problems may also be relevant.


New patient assessment and treatment: £50
Follow up appointments: £35 - £40

For treatments at Ashville Sports Centre which incorporate the use of gymnasium &/or Swimming pool + £5.

Home visits as above with additional travelling fee, usually £5 within the Harrogate area. Please call to discuss your needs for this service.